April 19, 2016

Vern Drake called the 2016 Annual meeting to order at 6 PM. In attendance were Chairman Drake, Supervisor Pearson, Supervisor Estridge, Treasurer Holter, Clerk Askin, Ron Gallagher, Don Carlson and Don Slipher. 

Jessie motioned to accept the minutes. Marty seconded. Motion passed.

The Financial Report and Budget variances were presented by Stephanie Askin.  A motion was made by Jessie to accept the 2015 Financial Report.  Marty Pearson seconded.  Motion passed. 

Current bank balance was provided by Larry Holter.

Marty Pearson made the motion that the Town will not exceed $5,000.00 multiplied by the miles of highway under the Town’s jurisdiction.  Jessie seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

In looking towards the future, Vern proposed shifting some of the chairman duties to supervisors and compensating accordingly. Vern proposed that the Town provide an annual salary for supervisors of $1800/yr. with added duties. Don Carlson made a motion to raise compensation to $1800/yr. for Supervisor with added duties. Ron Gallagher seconded.  Motion passed.  Yes vote was unanimous.  There was no opposition. Ron Gallagher made motion to raise the chairman’s salary to $3600/yr. Don Carlson seconded. Yes vote was unanimous.  There was no opposition. 

Larry Holter made a motion to approve a request from town electors to "expressly give authority to the board to set the salary of other elected town officials". Marty seconded. Yes vote was unanimous.  There was no opposition. 

Marty made a motion to pass a resolution giving the Town of Blaine Town Board Village Powers. Don Carlson seconded. Yes vote was unanimous.  There was no opposition. The resolution reads as follows:

“Be it resolved that we, the town electors of the Town of Blaine, being duly assembled at the annual town meeting on April 19, 2016 de hereby authorize the town board to exercise village powers pursuant to secs. 60.10(2)(c) and 60.22(3) of the Wisconsin Statues.”

Don Carlson motioned to approve the request from town electors for preliminary approval to move forward with a plan to adopt county zoning with final voting for approval at the April 2017 Annual Town Meeting

Marty Pearson made the motion, Jessie seconded, that the next Annual Meeting will be the third Tuesday in April, 2017 (April 18, 2017).  Motion passed.

Motion to adjourn was made by Jessie Estridge, seconded by Marty Pearson.   Motion passed. The meeting was adjourned at 6:58 PM

Respectfully submitted
Stephanie Askin, Clerk                                                                                               

Signed and dated this 19th day of April, 2016 

By: _____________________________________
Vern Drake, Board Chairman